~ 2 Years of HeadNods

thanks to all who’ve been here since 2011, i appreciate each and everyone of ya’ll.

i’d like to take some time if any of you have any questions, i’ll make a f.a.q section after, so go ahead on twitter @head_nods

or here, i can’t take anonymous requests as i like to respond directly so don’t be shy, give it a shot. 

https://www.facebook.com/HeadNods for an alternative

also if you have any requests or producers you would like me to feature drop me a line and i’ll see what i can do.

HeadNods does not specialize in one genre ex; (hip-hop)  or promoting rappers, apologies to those who send beattapes, but i’ve said this time and time again, if anyone has a beattape blog that would like me to link those rappers to, contact me as well, i would like to connect people as well.

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Soulection features many artists and they have set their downloads to name your price, you can put 0 to get free downloads & you can also donate.


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