Tryezz Just Released His New Album TODAY!

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now on to the mini interview..

yo, whats up tryezz! last time i interviewed you was also the first time back in dec 2011, what have you been up to since then?

Yoo wuttup. Well, I’ve been in the lab staying on my crafts, experiencing life and learning (***Always a Student***).

Now that I think about though, it was kinda’ busy. I had dropped two releases since then. 

The first one was “Odyssey” which was self-released. The second one was “Night Driven” which was released through Soulection (many thanks and much respect to them).

Also entered a couple remix contests, posted up a couple singles and also played some live shows. 

Also, on more the visual arts end, working on putting up some more T-shirt designs and fixing up and adding more to the website. The grind neva’ stops.

Have you added any new equipment to your set?

I recently started using an Alesis Desktop Mixer to my live sets. I used to use it off and on as a back up, but now it’s a mainstay (and highly recommended).

Other than that, it’s been about the same. Although, I am looking to invest in a PA Sound System so I can play more live shows. Once that happens……it’s ON. =)

Ahhh yess.

When will you film another epic late night groove session, like “been in the lab”?

It’ll be sometime soon. I’ve actually been planning a couple of different videos to post up.

But I do plan on posting up another late night groove session. The time and the feel has to be right.

I don’t want to force it.

Have you met any inspiring people lately?

Nah not necessarily hahah. It’s been more like inspiring events to be honest.

What inspiring events?

Well…hoping not to get too deep haha:

Amongst many other things, while I was filming footage for the “Timelapse: Preview Groove” video, I found myself observing not only the scenery, but the people. 

It was interesting because while I’ve never met these people passing by, I felt like I knew them and they knew me. They were doing their thing, and I was doing my thing. 

And yet, we were all in the same area enjoying ourselves. There was no tension. Some even talked to me as they walked by.

It was something I never really experienced before. It was like seeing things from a different angle.

Is there anyone out there you would like to collaborate with?

Hmm not at the moment. That’s not to say that I’m not down to collab, especially if the feel is right and it’s a clean and professional exchange.

Right now though, I’m just focusing on becoming more established as an artist and building on that. I still have a ways to go.

How long did it take you to work on your new upcoming release?

It took a while…about a good 4 months. And it was 4 Months of consistent work.

Gotta’ make it thorough y’know? Ain’t no halfsteppin’. =)

What goals do you have for this year?

One of the main goals is to play more live shows and engage more…and reach more people.

Y’know, spread that vitality live and in full effect, rejuvenating listeners and viewers. Also, in particular, reach out to the dance community.

And, as always, get more life experience and learn more.

Any shoutouts?

S/O to God, all the supporters old and new, all the people who took time to take a listen even if they didn’t like it.

Also, shout outs to all the people take a chance and giving me opportunities. 

And shout outs to all those who are staying true to their craft, sacrificing their time and edifying themselves so they can reach that next level.

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anyways hope ya’ll have a nice weekend, and for the producers out there, a weekend full of inspiration.

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