~ 2 Years of HeadNods

thanks to all who’ve been here since 2011, i appreciate each and everyone of ya’ll.

i’d like to take some time if any of you have any questions, i’ll make a f.a.q section after, so go ahead on twitter @head_nods

or here, i can’t take anonymous requests as i like to respond directly so don’t be shy, give it a shot. 

https://www.facebook.com/HeadNods for an alternative

also if you have any requests or producers you would like me to feature drop me a line and i’ll see what i can do.

HeadNods does not specialize in one genre ex; (hip-hop)  or promoting rappers, apologies to those who send beattapes, but i’ve said this time and time again, if anyone has a beattape blog that would like me to link those rappers to, contact me as well, i would like to connect people as well.

check out recent uploads

5/30 Update

been somewhat busy these months, getting back on interviews and

for the first time

considering collabs with other blogs.

HeadNods is Beats and Producers, no rappers. 
you can find a lot of rappers in other blogs.

there’s the 2% content of emcess that i feature because

1. they make beats themselves


2. they have worked with 2 or more producers from here

My main focus is to discover talented producers so they can be known by others and make collabs ect.. get those contacts going!

*producers* I may not be up to date on “your” work sometimes, so feel free to let me know the release dates, ect.

also, any other producers that are reading this and i haven’t checked out your work, let me know, send links, ect.. 

i have links on the main tumblr page for twitter, soundcloud, youtube ect.

keep in touch ya’ll.


(hmm^_^) lol

started headnods half a year ago. 
bringing beats into blogs 
first interview via text. yep xD
did a few more of friends & producers I admire


relaunched 2 months later 
more interviews

at the end of the year
released a collaboration mix on bandcamp (free, you can donate too)

the “ad on the bottom” is for the support of the music,
the youtube channel  hit 100+ subs of all the music, no ads, just on a few interviews, again, to support the music.

my main goal is to find artists, producers, get the people to know about them, get them to work together, make something good, and support.

i make no financial profit from this.

i will be having merchandise soon, going to shows and letting people know i’m here to let them be known, to the audience that wants to know. more importantly appreciate all the work that goes into this.

the passion, dedication, work.

i hope i can contribute more to this & i thank you all for following.

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