~ 2 Years of HeadNods

thanks to all who’ve been here since 2011, i appreciate each and everyone of ya’ll.

i’d like to take some time if any of you have any questions, i’ll make a f.a.q section after, so go ahead on twitter @head_nods

or here, i can’t take anonymous requests as i like to respond directly so don’t be shy, give it a shot. 

https://www.facebook.com/HeadNods for an alternative

also if you have any requests or producers you would like me to feature drop me a line and i’ll see what i can do.

HeadNods does not specialize in one genre ex; (hip-hop)  or promoting rappers, apologies to those who send beattapes, but i’ve said this time and time again, if anyone has a beattape blog that would like me to link those rappers to, contact me as well, i would like to connect people as well.

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C38’s second beat tape

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"HeadNods is targeted to Promote Producers not Rappers, very seldom will HeadNods post Lyrics in beats besides Samples, that is only because those Producers also Rap/Emcee. Understand that this is what makes HeadNods “HeadNods” Not only Hip-Hop genres will be featured but also chill, beats that have no specific genre to be put into. This isn’t underground or mainstream, its pure HeadNods to any person who enjoys beats and samples arranged in mixes and let them know about the creators of this mix of beatmaker/producer and who they are in interviews and support by buying their music and being featured. This is to all ears who are searching to listen."

If you want to be heard here, before i find you..

I’ve had some contact me for some time now regarding having their beats here, 
more so when I had the headnods twitter account, then I decided to merge my stuff and this together.

So, here’s how it goes.

I do a lot of beat digging.

But there are times when someone hasn’t caught my attention yet, so if you think you are one of those

Have some sort of connection to a producer I’ve featured here
Send Links to all the sites that show your work

or if you don’t,

Send Links + Show me your top 3 beats and be familiar with 

Nujabes, JDilla, Madlib, ect 

I categorize beats in certain ways to fit here

1. Nujabes like.. again i’m not comparing, i just organize by sounds,
he has peaceful yet upbeat melodies that go and develop ect.

2. JDilla like.. something any rapper would envy to rap on, or just those DOPE chops, i like sequences but please don’t make it all loop loop loop drum loop if you get what i mean.

3. Madlib like.. experimental and well something different that you can still vibe to

 i know there are a lot of more producers but that’s what i base my categories on.

and here’s the final 

4. one of a kind. something you can’t describe but you just can’t stop listening to. it can have electronic, jazzy, latin, “exotic” vibes..  i love hip hop but i also like a little variety in it.


i give an opportunity to each beatmaker

if i like 1-3 of your beats, you can be found here

4-10 you will be featured/interviewed ect

10 or more, you will be followed in your musical journey 

so there’s a lil formula.

make sure to like the new headnods facebook


give a shout on twitter 


I also make small videos for youtube of producers and it’s going well


and here’s if you want to share a beat


I hope this answers questions